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We've listed 3 great steps that are used to ensure our community is safe and our products are top notch in terms of functionality and learning. Some additional information about our goals can be found below.

Your safety comes first, therefore we have all of the products on our website safety checked to ensure the safety of our users. Not only that, but you can have many opportunities to become a great developer and write your own software through our programming interfaces which can be populated through our website as free advertisement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Here are our frequently asked questions.

Don't see the answer to your question here? You can always contact us through an email or ask your question on our forums for the quickest answer.

Sometimes an installation on Rapid Cheats may be flagged as dangerous due to the nature of the product. Our products are cheats or utilities which typically use interfaces that are obfuscated to protect their code from being stolen. You can also encounter this from modules that use various protection modules to make reverse engineering more difficult.

You can still keep the file. Go to the Downloads on your browser you're using and press the "Keep Dangerous File" button.

You're not the only one who encounters this issue, so don't worry. This is typically caused because the visual studio redistribute packages aren't installed on your system. You can install the redistribute packages very easily, we've listed how to do this below.

We recommend installing the x86 redistribute package and the x64 redistribute package through these links directly from microsoft. It's always good to have both.

We definitely recommend extracting your download before using the product. Using a product through a .zip or .rar file can cause various complications and it's not of the slightest things to do. Make sure to extract your downloads.

How do you extract your file? If it's a .zip file, right click on the file and press the "Extract All" button. If it's a .rar file, you'll need an extractor such as Winrar or 7-Zip. It's very easy.