About Us


Rapid Cheats is the successor to Shadow Cheats. We pride ourselves on excellence and our reputation is flawless. Our software is reverse engineered and tested in virtual machines to ensure the safety of all our products. Now let's introduce you to the developer(s) of Rapid Cheats.

Hello. I'm the developer of Rapid Cheats and Shadow Cheats. I've been developing software and websites for over 8 years and I'm glad to have you in our neck of the woods again. I'll be keeping you up to date with lots of great products for free.

Our Goals

Short Term
Our short term goals are the goals planned to be completed between the next 1-3 months. We'll keep you updated on these goals in our discord server.

  • User Registration/Login with significant security improvements.
  • Our previous user registration/login lacked most of the standardized security features. Our competitors lack when it comes to security.
  • Custom Forum Software
  • Our forum software will be completely custom and use no code or utilities from other sources.
  • Script Editing and Obfuscation
  • We will be coming out with a "Script Section" and allow users to edit and obfuscate their scripts right from our website.

Long Term
Our long term goals will be coming soon, be on the look out.

Some of the features coming in the next few days or weeks may not be listed on this page, so be on the lookout for new features.


Rapid Cheats has provided links and codes to provide an easier experience for you to join our discord server, follow our twitter and more. Go ahead and start searching for your favorite platforms to follow us on, we should be on a couple.

Discord Server
You can join our server at this link or through our code below.

Our Twitter
You can follow us on twitter at this link or through our code below.

Last modified on August 02, 2022.